Baby Pokemoon Launched NFT Staking and Gamify – P2E Game

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Baby Pokemoon Launched NFT Staking and Gamify - P2E Game

Baby Pokemoon – GameFi Project focused on NFTs and Play-to-Earn Game(P2E). The goal was to create something new and decent in crypto world, not just copy of another project or silly meme coin without any real sense. In this project, we have collected everything popular and hyped in the crypto on this moment + inspired by Pokémon’s.


Total Supply:

Baby Pokemoon’s Features

NFTs Egg

Open egg and get one of 12 NFTs! NFT will have evolution 1-3, higher evolution = higher rewards.

NFTs Earn

BPM NFTs have real usage, if you are owner of the NFT — you can stake it and earn BPM. Amount of your reward is based on evolution of NFTs, amount of staked NFTs and volume of BPM token. Rewards for the NFTs comes from transaction tax.

NFTs Bank

You can exchange your NFTs on BPM tokens here. After you sell your NFTs for the BPM, these NFTs are burned! Price for the buyback is recalculated depending on current amount of NFTs, evolution, amount of NFTs and BPM price.

NFTs Crafting

NFTs Crafting is used to upgrade your NFTs to higher level. You will need small amount of BPM to make an NFT upgrade.

Be aware – if you fail your upgrade attempt, you will lose half of used NFTs. If your attempt is succeeded, then you will get NFT with better rarity, all used NFTs will be destroyed

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